What a joke this bloke is. I am convinced that all this is more about personal and business ambitions than representing his constituents

‘Optional voting for part-time Clive Palmer’

“Clive Palmer is failing to live up to his personal vow to be a full-time politician, instead turning in the worst voting record of any federal parliamentarian in the current term. Since winning his seat the mining magnate has voted on only one piece of legislation — backing the Coalition in its bid in the lower house to scrap Labor’s under-performing minerals resource rent tax. The repeal effort was defeated in the Senate”





So, he is a hypocrite and she is a whore…..American politics today ……

‘Married Congressman caught on camera kissing aide’

“A married US congressman who promoted his Christian and family values during his campaign to get elected has been caught on video kissing a female member of his staff.”

He should resign immediately but of course he won’t do that will he ???



Bendigo Bank can go and get stuffed. Made their bed and now they can lie in it….:(

‘Banking on Islam’

“The Bendigo Bank has staked its future on Islam. And that means it has turned its back on ordinary Australians.

Bendigo Bank hasn’t done this in any old way. It’s done it in the most brazen way possible, thumbing its nose at the citizens of the very town that gave birth to this company.”




Please come back and take them……:)