Oh God she is just embarrassing herself now. From a seemingly classy Victoria’s Secret Angel married to a handsome movie star to a divorced Wonderbra model, estranged from her family, who loves to get naked and talk about how sexual she is ? Talk about cheap and desperate……:(

‘Frequent flyer Miranda Kerr lands in South Korea with a smile… after revealing she’s a member of the mile high club’

She revealed she’s a member of the mile high club whilst posing nude for GQ’s UK May issue.

And Qantas ambassador Miranda Kerr certainly looked full of smiles as she landed in South Korea’s Incheon International Airport on Monday.

In a departure from her recent gigs, the 30-year-old Wonderbra model was fully clothed, looking sleek and chic dressed in a pair of skinny, ripped white jeans with a white singlet and navy blazer.”

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2593756/Miranda-Kerr-lands-South-Korea-smile-revealing-shes-member-mile-high-club.html?login&base_fe_url=http%3A%2F%2Fdailymail.co.uk%2F&param__host=www.dailymail.co.uk&param_geolocation=au&check_user_fe_uri=registration%2Fp%2Fapi%2Fuser%2Fuser_check%2F&validation_fe_uri=%2Fregistration%2Fp%2Fapi%2Ffield%2Fvalidation%2F&isMobile=false&param_code=AQDOg5av9ROQttmEniUw5k04r1gGzohvVjufzAtrEv57hkIv0x-G2hKcJVgREPfQA6lLmNs7AuD6rC9gxgaryTYJNo-_DvfFngl2ScYEPe0V0PBtULqxyIW-SuPO_GUYPgwTV7oFgSTlO_WF_24HVEOAOS2b1I4YxVBaVhNTMwl8KZky0X9xhE8BM505l75z9J2WDwU_q4hE0jgiS2TsSMJVwqW7o97D3YVB_36W0_zbRc9cU2pOlx2G8cx2_m-DODNlATUPZHBnPzm4xaLrm3f-LcB2qzKkKmlcEAZQsefDOl0LrUyiHsrtIrC6s7bqBrE#readerCommentsCommand-message-fieldMiranda looking wild on the pink carpet


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