History on the Day ……. :)

1790 Rations in Sydney are further reduced in the face of famine. Working hours are cut to six hours a day.

1857 The brig Sea Belle is wrecked in a storm off Fraser Island with four aboard. Years later, two fair skinned girls are found with Aborigines, it is not known if they are survivors.

1924 A Munich court sentences Adolf Hitler to five years in jail for high treason after his abortive 1923 putsch.

1933 German chancellor Adolf Hitler(pictured) orders a boycott of Jewish businesses, starting the persecution of Jews.

1934 Leon Hemmes, 16, of Manly, takes a dip at North Steyne after going to church on a Sunday. A shark bites him three times 90m offshore about lunchtime. Another surfer, George Herd, 17 of Mosman tries to help. Hemmes is brought to shore by surfers and lifesavers but dies a few minutes after admission to Manly District Hospital.

1964 Francois ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier, 55, has himself installed as president of Haiti for life.

1978 Dick Smith tows what looks like a large iceberg into Sydney Harbour on April Fool’s Day. When rain starts, shaving cream and foam is washed away revealing plastic sheets on a barge.

1984 R&B singer Marvin Gaye is shot dead at age 44 by his father at their Los Angeles home.










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