Yaaaaaaay…….about bloody time!!

‘Asylum seeker handouts scrapped: Australian taxpayers to save $25 million a year’

TAXPAYERS will save $25 million a year after the Abbott government today scraps free immigration assistance to ­asylum seekers.



2 thoughts on “Yaaaaaaay…….about bloody time!!

  1. It appears the legal advice will now no longer be funded by the taxpayer via the government so it will be a case of pro bono or nothing. I’m sure the likes of Julian Burnside would love to provide the assistance required now that he won’t be paid for it by the Federal government.

    “the withdrawal of the taxpayer help would not prevent people receiving legal assistance, saying those who wished to provide immigration advice and application assistance pro bono were free to do so.”….

    That said there are also a number of volunteer migrant translator services available now. It’s just that the preference has always been to use Immigration Department approved translators that do a professional job and are paid accordingly, some at very high rates. It appears the government hand holding of supposed asylum seekers is over and that should make Indonesia happy who continue to claim that there is too much ‘sugar’ on the table attracting these boat people.

  2. I will be interested to see the full details of this policy change. Under the current regime asylum-seekers are entitled to basic forms of assistance i.e. translators, legal advice…surely the government has enough money for a couple of translators?

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