Ever thought it might simply be bad behaviour or poor parenting ?

‘ADHD not a “real disease”: Neuroscientist’

Children are being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) when they actually have symptoms of a range of different psychological problems, according to a leading US neuroscientist.

Dr Bruce Perry, a senior fellow of the Child Trauma Academy in Houston, Texas, is visiting UK health ministers and said ADHD is not a “real disease” because it relates to a broad range of symptoms.”


Anything new that comes across a psychiatrists desk ends up in a medical journal and gets listed in the big ‘red’ book as a newly discovered illness…..what a load of BS…..



2 thoughts on “Ever thought it might simply be bad behaviour or poor parenting ?

  1. Agree with most of that but remember how old I am …hahaha. When I was growing up firm if not at times aggressive and sometimes violent punishment was the norm. It’s amazing how a child changes their attitude when confronted by your parents or school masters in that manner. Hell, we even got the cane at school without our parents permission I might add. Also the number of divorces, seperations and births out of wedlock paled into insignificance compared to today. The most recent generations of children are growing up in a much more watered down enviroment compared to past generations and I think we are reaping now what has been sowed. From what research I have done it appears to me that when it comes to psychiatric and psychological assessment it’s all about ticking off the boxes on the checklist and if something outside that checklist comes up it’s defined as a new variance on presently documented mental illnesses. Hence ADHD. Which also makes the pharmaceutical companies happy I might add.

  2. I can’t really agree with this analysis. Many mental illnesses have various symptoms which characterize them and there is bound to be a cross-over. This is why we need to properly diagnose these problems.

    Yes, children behave badly sometimes and parents must shoulder some of the blame. What is not alright is for people to hide behind ADHD and use it as an excuse for not dealing with some of these ‘symptoms’. They think they can just pump their kids full of medication and think everything will be okay.

    All things considered I think the jury is still out on this one and I’ll refrain until more research is conducted. Until then I will maintain a healthy level of skepticism.

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