Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy theory……. :)

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 ?? Had breakfast with one of the great thinkers of Macquarie Fields this morning (and trust me there aren’t many…haha) over breakfast at the hub of the community, McDonalds. (No, it wasn’t with Ronald). My mates conspiracy theory is that the plane was shot down accidentally by a North Korean ballistic missile (apparently at the time were being tested in great numbers).

The cover up involved the North Koreans of course, the Malaysians who were very slow to release any information and played their cards close to their chest and their government owns the airline. The Chinese who despite the majority of passengers being their nationals is also a major ally of the North Koreans. The Americans who do not want to be involved at this time with another international incident or confrontation as they are currently busy with Russia, Syria and Iran and Australia, the Americans deputy sheriff in the Asia Pacific region and chair of the U.N Security Council at present.

Scenario being that as stated The North Koreans were firing off testing at least 20 ballistic missiles around that time. One accidentally hits the plane bringing it down. The reason the plane changed course suddenly was the pilots attempt to avoid the missile when it comes into range. Hence all the reports by apparent witnesses (?) of the plane being seen to explode or be on fire (example the worker on the oil rig and the holidaying people nearby). The plane goes down and whilst Malaysia stalls releasing information to save face, the Americans and Chinese who pick up the incident via satellites concoct a covering story in order to avoid confrontation over North Korea. Secretly, the plane is located, debris cleared and it is moved to a hazardous  area, the South western Indian ocean via the American Naval Military base of Diego Garcia (Centrally located in the Indian Ocean) where there is minimal risk of anyone ever wanting to investigate further if they can avoid it.

Where Australia comes in is that it is the country that though the stars all aligning together (or being told to by the Americans) makes the highly unlikely breakthrough of locating the remnants of a plane in a vast area of water during a terrible weather period of poor conditions, rain storms, high winds and turbulent sea’s. All while in search mode of generally 3 out of 15 hours due to fuel restrictions and traveling time there and back for planes etc.

Suddenly without physical evidence of wreckage in the hand or the black box recorder being located, the Malaysians announce, “It’s found, mystery over”….here is your explanation and we can all go home now, presumably with the wreckage of the plane sinking in the ocean never to be recovered and the black box lost forever or mysteriously turning up in a couple of years time (if it is the real one ?). No doubt by the Americans who are so good at staging these fantasies through their Black Ops CIA operations. The high level involvement of the U.S resources in all aspects of this so called ‘investigation’ through it’s use of satellite technology, naval and air force operations and intelligence agency’s especially since there were only three American passengers on board appears excessive. More importantly it’s use of world wide media (Fox News & CNN for example) in breaking news and perpetuating expert theories distracts the world whilst the relocation of the plane debris, if it is even where they and Australia and Malaysia say it is takes place.

In all seriousness who would believe that a plane carrying 240 people in the China Sea is hijacked by either a pilot (s) or terrorists, flown from the South China Sea to deepest darkest South Indian Ocean, is not picked up by Western, Russian or Chinese satellites that are watching what cereal we all have for breakfast and is either destroyed when it runs out of fuel or by terrorists or by a pilot (s) who have a death wish ? Come on, seriously ?

The great manipulators the Americans, dare we say it, so many black ops over the years. Rigging foreign elections and overthrowing legitimately elected governments of all persuasions, manipulating Pearl Harbor into a ‘sneak’ Japanese attack (?) as so to rally the American public into joining WWII as the great crusader coming to the rescue. The J F Kennedy  assassination along with that of Lee Harvey Oswald, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. The supposed sinking of a U.S naval vessel to precipitate the expansion of the Vietnam war (?). The list goes on. The question marks over 9/11, who and what really is Al Qaeda ? Where was the Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq ? (Never found any) and Osama Bin Laden located across the road from Pakistan military College, shot, body taken and dumped at sea ? Yeah right.

Malaysian Airlines 370 conspiracy theory maybe but makes one think ? …..:)


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